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Requirement Description

1. I understand that my child’s attendance is a privilege and not a right that if anytime his/her conduct or academic performance in school is not consistent with the imposed standards, the school reserves the right to terminate my child’s enrollment.

2. I also understand that it is my obligation to pay all demandable tuition and school fees on-time and that my failure to do so the school has the right to rescind this enrollment contract and deny my child’s continued stay in school.

3. I understand that as a parent/guardian it is my obligation to attend the academic and non-academic affairs in school concerning my child’s development, including the affairs of the Parent & Teacher Association.

4. I also give permission for my child to take part in all school activities that enhance his/her learning except where there is a physician’s advice for non-participation,  which will be supported by a medical certificate.

5. I also agree that the school’s effort to train the students with the word of God, through the Bible, will contribute to my child’s character and values formation aside from the other phases of instruction.

6. I understand that this is an English-Filipino Zone Institution.

7. I further agree to read and understand the policies, rules and regulations of the school which are contained in the Student Handbook. I agree to abide by them as long as my child is enrolled in this institution.

8. I authorize the personnel of this institution to collect, process, retain, and dispose of personal information of the above-mentioned student in accordance with the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

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